Old Bears & Friends






What a gorgeous old Steiff - I have to admit that I think he is marvellous, and one of my favourites.  Whilst I like to find perfect virtually unplayed with condition bears for my customers, I also love to find and offer bears which have developed, with love over the years, loads of character - this is such a bear.  Character cannot be replicated, it just comes with cuddles over the years.  He is a chocolate colour boy, who has a lost a lot of his mohair, however the base material is strong and he does not have any issues in that respect.  The pads have been covered many moons ago - it could be much of his original pads are under their "covers" - but I like him as he is.  He measures about 11 inches or just a bit over.  His joints are very stiff but will rotate with a bit of careful help - it`s an age thing joint stiffness - as many of us know!  He has an adorable face with a smiley mouth and the remains of his nose stitching - remarkably he retains his early FF button in his ear.  He dates from circa 1908.

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

He is in amazingly strong condition, with no holes that I can see.  Now... just look at his outfit... Isn`t it gorgeous?  It has obviously been with him for many years.  A two piece sailor suit.  The edge of the sailor collar is piped in white, and the jacket fastens with two hooks and eyes in the front.  There is a little applied pocket and an embroidered anchor on his left arm. ... He really is wonderful and the new owner will, I am sure, love him as much as I do.  Layaway is available, please ask if you have any questions...

This gorgeous Steiff Sailor Boy IS SOLD and is so happy in his new home!