Old Bears & Friends






What a gorgeous old, very small and early display item.  It is the first I have ever found to be able to offer to you.   The silk is extremely fine and there are a few age faults, but for something so old and so fine, it is amazing to be still here.  The silk flag itself measures about 2.75 inches by about 2 inches deep.  The flag pole is a fine piece of wood and at the top of the flag pole is an amber coloured bead.  The colours are still very bright.  If you have a Farnell Soldier Bear - this flag would look wonderful with him.  However it looks super with any miniature bear. 

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

The flag, as mentioned is a real survivor.  It is made from a frail natural material, so it has to be handled as little as possible and carefully to preserve it.  However, it is still basically in amazing condition considering it`s age.  There is a little crease to the top corner with a split and another split at the top near the flag pole.  A bit more thinning on some edges.  Please bear in mind, I am offering JUST THE FLAG here and not the bears.  The Schuco with his mattress, pillow and tin is available separately (please see him as a separate listing on my website) but the set of Campbell bears is not available for sale and is used for display purposes only.   This little flag is a rare survivor, so please contact me with any query or if you wish to buy as soon as possible so that you do not miss out on this rarity.   Contact me by clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom or to the left of this page. 

This early 1900s MINIATURE FLAG  is priced at 39 - an absolute "one only".