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I have here for you a really fabulous bear, made of course by Steiff - but I really didn`t need to tell you that did I?

Sometimes a doll or a bear just tugs at your heartstrings, and Freddie certainly did that with me.  I bought him some time ago as stock, but for many months I couldn`t bear to part with him.  Eventually I knew he should find another home and a lovely collector was buying him on layaway.  However as things happen sometimes, she was unable to continue with the purchase.  That was also some months ago, and during that time I have made no efforts to sell him and he has been quietly looking at me and keeping me company close to my computer.  Now I am (at last, yes I know how naughty I am at times with updates) updating my Website, Freddie really does need to find his new home.   He is such a wonderful old boy, that I have devoted two sections on my website to him.  So when you have looked through these pictures and details if you go back to "More Accessories, Old Bears, Friends and Other Goodies" section and click on the second listing there are more pictures and details of Freddie.


He is my most favourite bear I have had to sell in ages!  Since a Steiff called Barnabus in fact!





He measures about 16 inches.  He has an FF Button in his ear.  Two of his pads are original and two are replacements obviously done some time ago.   is a truly lovely old by - just look at that face!

If you require any further information or wish to buy, use the "Contact Us" link to the left of this page or on the bottom of the page.  I can offer layable to a good home.

THIS LOVELY BEAR, FREDDIE ....  is now is his new loving home.  I am so pleased he is in such a lovely place.