Old Bears & Friends






Meet Piggy Bear ... surely he will make you smile, as he does me! He is an ancient tatty old bear but absolutely adorable.  He is small, measuring just about 6.25 inches long from nose to tail and about 3.5 inches tall from the ground to his shoulder.  He is an early old bear standing on all fours, and perhaps he had some mohair at some time in his life - but doesn`t have a scrap of it left now.   He is straw stuffed and although he has a few holes where his wire frame have rusted through, he is very strong still.  He has had his ears restitched on at some time but they are his originals.  He has boot button eyes. 

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

He will fit into any collection as a friend for a doll or a larger bear.  He is quirky and worn, but I absolutely love him.  I am sure others will think so too, and he is looking forward to meeting his pals in his new home.   Do contact me if you want any more details.  I will offer layaway on him.

PIGGY BEAR is priced at ₤95