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 Hopefully you will have read some of Freddie`s details under the first listing on Freddie here on my website.  If not, do just click on "More Accessories, Old Bears, Friends and Other Goodies" and you will find those other details on Freddie on that first listing.  He is such a lovely boy, I have devoted two listings to him.  He is about 16 inches and dates from around circa 1908.  If you are looking for a mint and perfect Steiff, Freddie will not be for you.  If however you are wanting a bear that has had some love over the last One Hundred and more years, and bears a few marks to show for that - then like me you will love this old boy.  I do get disappointed when trying to photograph some items.  Freddie is such a toy - he is adorable - but I am finding it difficult quite to capture his real look - and I certainly cannot capture his colour or which a nice chunky torso he has!  His mohair is gold - but try as I might in different artificial lights and out in the garden - no I just cannot get the actual colour right.  However, take my word for it please, he is more gold than beige!  He is a very strong boy with no real fabric issues.  As mentioned before, two replacement pads and two original - and just look at those gorgeous long feet!  He does have thinning and some balding areas, but still plenty of mohair remaining.   




He does have some discolouration to the fabric base, mostly one patch on his forehead and some around his nose.  As with many bears of this age, he has darkened all over more on his front than his back - he has "lived a life" and obviously been sat out close to his owner for many of his years which would have darkened the base fabric over time - whereas the rear is lighter.  This all forms part of his character - and many of you will understand what I am trying to describe.  He has a lovely shape head with a good pointy nose and a good chunky torso and pronounced hump.  His growler, as almost always in bears of this age, is no longer operative but clunks when he is tilted.  His original eyes are gorgeous.  Well I hope I have described him well for you - I am sure his new owner will love and look after him as much as I have and as much as many of his former custodians obviously did as well. 

If you are interested in buying Freddie, just Contact me using the green "Contact Us" tab to the side and bottom of this page.  Layaway will possibly be available to a good home. 

THIS LOVELY BEAR, FREDDIE ....  is now is his new loving home.  I am so pleased he is in such a lovely place.  He is a lucky boy.