Old Bears & Friends






Here we have a lovely old Schuco with the cutest of faces.   He has his original black eyes.  This little boy has had lots of hugs which has pushed his nose a little to one side,  which gives him such a quirky expression.  He has his original facial stitching.  He is pale golden mohair which is so pretty.  He comes to you in his little tin home! 

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

 Just look at that face!  He measures just 2.75 inches, and is a great size as a little bear companion for a small doll.    He is in lovely condition and all his joints work well.  He is of course jointed at the head, shoulders and hips.  At one time a rather silly person (and it happens all too often with little Schuco Bears) with little to no knowledge of small Schuco decided to pull his head hard to see if he was a Schuco Perfume bottle - which of course he would not be - so his head is absolutely fine when pressed on, but can now be removed!  Luckily it does not detract, he is still a lovely little boy.  He comes with his home - a miniature cash tin - and this is complete with his handmade lace trimmed floral mattress and little pillow.  If you have any queries or wish to purchase - do Contact me!   Use the "Contact Us" link below or on the side of the page. 


This lovely old SCHUCO BEAR in his little home is priced at ₤110