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Here we have a really lovely Cold Painted Bronze Pig Penwipe - and he is a big boy!  As collecctors know, penwipes are difficult to find - and my goodness a cold painted bronze pig in this size is so very unusual to come across.  He is heavy and beautifully moulded.  I can see no marks on him.  He measures about 5 inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail.  He is 2.5 inches or so high.  Just look at the detail of his moulding - quite wonderful.  From his slightly open mouth, to the fat rolls on his snoutand body - lovely full ears and that curly tail! 



 He obviously shows some signs of wear, but overall is in lovely condition.   He has some rubs to a couple of legs and odd spots elsewhere, but little when his size and material is considered.  His brush is also in good condition.  He is just adorable - and would be wonderful for someone who collects anything to do with desk items - but I think he sits so well with Teddies and even standing beside dolls.  I have never seen another quite like this Piggy.   He is very different - so will add to any collection.  

Do contact me using the "Contact Us" button either below or to the left of this page.  If you have any queries or wish to purchase (and as you can see he is a really good price!)  - do Contact me!  Layaway is possible - just ask. 


This lovely Cold Painted Bronze, Pig Penwipe is special priced at just ₤245.