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Here we have for you shy little STANLEY a gorgeous 1930s BEAR.  He is the son of EDITH  (who you will find on a separate listing on my Website).  Edith and Stanley did not come to be together, thus I am offering them separately, but they are of the same vintage and seem to have adopted one another, so several photos are of them together.  He is the sweetest little boy, pale blond sparce mohair, with the lovliest of faces.  He measures about 15 inches.




 Stanley has his original painted back glass eyes, and all pads are original - and I can only see one tiny hole in the toe of one foot pad.  Like Edith, he has the original 3 claws stitched to each paw.  He is jointed on his legs and arms - his hips are quite mobile but is stiff on his shoulder joints.  At some time in his past, his head must have been a little loose, so at the moment is head is stitched in place to his body however this is neatly done and difficult to see.  He still has a lovely deep growl and looks brilliant in his outfit and antique whistle at his neck.

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The gorgeous Stanley is priced at 98