Old Bears & Friends






Here we have a lovely old Bear, he has a stunning face with such a serious expression.  I find bears which have a known history particuarly interesting, and it`s nice to be able to take that history forward with a bear.  This lovely Bear belonged to a lady called Joyce who was born in 1926.  The original photograph which comes with Joyce`s bear shows Joyce on her bicycle with her lovely bear riding along on the top of the front wheel!  He has been so well looked after, and has beautifully clean and shiny pale gold mohair.  His stuffing has settled in the top of his chest over the years, so his head drops a bit onto his chest which gives him such a cute look.  The stuffing in the tops of his limbs has also settled out, and this can be seen in the photographs I have taken.  He has very little mohair loss, still having a great mohair coverage.

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

 Just look at those eyes!  His large original painted back glass eyes, add to his special look.   He still his original sewn claws on his feet and hands.  All his pads are original and he is about 21 inches tall. He will come to you with the original photograph, and full details of the original owner.  You will not be disappointed, he is a beautiful bear.   If you have any queries - do email me!  Layaway is available on this old boy should you require it...



JOYCES BEAR WITH PHOTOGRAPH  is very pleased to be SOLD and in a happy home.