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A FABULOUS STEIFF BEAR, in a good size - meet BARNABUS. 

What a lovely old Steiff boy Barnabus is!  This gorgeous Steiff, is fresh back onto the market for sale after being in one collection for the past 33 years.  He is waiting in the tree to see his new home!  I am sure he will come down from the tree when he hears about his next loving home....



As you can see, Barnabus has the most endearing face - and is a large size measuring around 18 inches!  His pads were professionally replaced many years ago and are in fine condition still.  He has embroidered claws to each hand and foot.  His stuffing has shifted very slightly in the tops of his arms and a little in his neck which gives him that special look.  He has a large hump to his back, and the important original FF Steiff Button in his left ear and would date from the 1920s.   He has very large feet and long arms.   He is a pale gold mohair and has really good mohair coverage still - probably about 80% with some thinner areas and some balding patches - primarily to the backs of his legs and ear backs.  His growler clunks still when tilted, but no longer growls.     Whoever buys him will love him very much - I have no doubt of that.  It is difficult now to get the larger Steiff bears - particularly in the nice condition of Barnabus.  He is, as you can see below, very reasonably priced for a Steiff in this condition and age.  He looks wonderful with other bears - and equally good displayed with dolls.  The Steiff Ball he is holding was available separately, but is now sold.   If you have any queries or if you wish to purchase, use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom or to the left of this page.  Layaway is possible - just ask! 

 Barnabus, the 18" Steiff with his original FF Button in his ear is SOLD .