Old Bears & Friends






What a lovely find this is!  I have here for you a wonderful old Farnell Dog.  What an expression!  He hs one ear down and one raised and a quizical look!  His condition is super for his age.  Minimum loss to his mohair, and he is lovely and clean.  As you can see, he would originally have been given as a Christmas present as he still bears his very old "Do not open until Christmas" ribbon around his neck.  Isn`t that lovely, to have survived?  He is totally original with his lovely glass eyes and detailed nose stitching.  He will add interest and fun to any Bear collection - and would also look good with a Doll.


Click on picture above to the left for a larger view.

As you can see,  his Farnell Alpha Toys label is still in place under his leg.  I would date him to around 1925.  He measures about 8 inches high - 9 inches to the top of his raised ear - and about 9 inches  nose to tail.  He has obviously been treasured and must have been tucked away safely to be in such wonderful condition.  The tip of the wire framing in his legs protrudes slightly under 3 of his feet.  Whoever buys him will love him very much - I have no doubt of that.    If you have any queries do ask, or if you wish to purchase, use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom or to the left of this page.

 This cute FARNELL DOGGIE is priced at ₤135.