Old Bears & Friends






What a lovely find this is!  I have here for you a wonderful early Farnell - and in such a perfect small size.  He measures about 10 inches.  Fabulous size for a larger bear or a doll to hold.  He has the distinctive Farnell nose and mouth stitching and clear glass eyes.  His silky blond mohair is in great condition.  He has a shaved muzzle.

Click on picture for a larger view.

As you can see, he retains his original woven pads.  There is a mend to one foot pad and the left hand pad has some splits exposing some stuffing but it seems stable to be left as is or could have a replacement pad if the buyer so wished.  He is fully jointed, and all his joints move cleanly.   He is an early boy, and I would date him circa 1918.  He is in lovely condition for his age - and as mentioned above, so difficult to find such a beautiful Farnell in this cabinet size.  If you have any queries do ask, and I am able to offer layaway if required on this super old early English boy. 

 This super  FARNELL is priced at 595