Bears & Friends






Well, just look at this?  Isn`t he SO cute?  We have here an English mohair rabbit, in super condition, dressed in his original red felt coat with white felt collar.  He has red felt on the top of his feet to look as if he is wearing shoes - very Peter Rabbit!  In his little paws, he holds a felt carrot.  His ears are cloth lined at the rear and cream mohair in the front.  He also retains his original glass eyes.  Often toys which have felt clothes over the years have stained mohair where the colour of the felt has leeched into the mohair - this one is pefect with the red felt still bright and no staining whatever to the mohair from the felt.  His little carrot is made from felt and wool. 

Click on picture above on the left for a larger view.

 He measures about 8 inches or so high. I think he is a gorgeous little fellow.  A doll I am sure would look wonderful with this Bun in her hands - but he would also look great with bears or other toys. "Contact Us" buttons can be found at the bottom and to the left of this page.

 THIS LOVELY BUNNY  ₤ is SOLD and is so pleased to be in a lovely new home with friends!