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These are so sweet, in the field having a run around.   I have here for you, two Steiff Cats.  They look cute together but are two different Steiff designs - Susi who is the grey tabby sitting Cat and Tapsy the running brown tabby kitten.



Starting with the sitting Susi Cat, she has her Steiff Button in her ear with the yellow label attached and her Susi Chest Tag.  She has her original ribbon and bell around her neck.  She is a grey tabby, in lovely condition with minimal playwear.  She has a swivel neck, which means she can be positioned for display in many ways.  She so amuses me, Steiff have given her a stern look - I think her little brother Tapsy might well be naughty and causing her problems!  She measures about  4" tall.  Tapsy is a brown tabby who stands on all fours, again with raised script button in his ear, yellow tag and original chest label, ribbon and bell.  The chest labels which are still there on both these cats are rare to find because they often do not survive in situ. Tapsy cats like this one were only made for 5 years from 1959 to 1964!  He measures about 3 inches high and is in near mint condition.  They are both absolutely gorgeous and look wonderful desplayed with Dolls,  Bears or just on their own.  Steiff Cats are not easy to find particularly with their original chest labels and buttons in their ears.   Please contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom or side of this page if you have any queries or wish to buy either or both of these little kitty cats. 

 Elder Sister Cat Steiff Susi, is priced at   ₤65

 Steiff Tapsy Kitty is SOLD