Old Bears & Friends






Isn`t he cute? Honestly have you seen such a great  nose on a bear before?  Gives him such character, doesn`t it?  You just have to love him.  He measures just over 15 inches, not too big not too small for adding to your display. He has wonderfully clean shiny mohair in pale gold.  Just a few minor areas of thinning or loss - which I had to hunt for!  So basically, good strong condition.  Original brown glass eyes.

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

Click on picture above for a larger view  
 He has his original brown felt pads, all four in perfect condition - the right pad shows the mark where the original Chad Valley label would have been.  He`s a beautiful boy who will make you smile! Please contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom or side of this page if you have any queries or wish to buy him.  He is an absolute bargain price so do not delay if you want to make him yours...

 SPECIAL PRICE this smiley CHAD VALLEY BEAR  is priced at just ₤110!