Old Bears & Friends






Here  we have a rather lovely old Bear - and in a gorgeous small size.  He measure just about 12 inches to the tips of his ears.  He lovely shiny pale golden mohair with minimal loss, at least 90% coverage I would say.  He has his original boot button eyes and inserted ears.  His nose stitching has worn away, but he retains his smile!  His nose stitching can easily be replaced of course, but I am offering him as he is, because I rather like him as he is now.    



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He is totally original with no repairs. Thge 4 felt pads are still in perfect condition.  He is hard excelsior stuffed.  His original claws on all four limbs are still in place.  He wears his old leather collar with buckle fastening.  He comes with his photo.    On the rear of the photo it says "1909 - Is this one of the bears" - so I assume at one point in his history there were a few bears given or inherited and the photo was asked for and found afterwards by the family.  It is a charming photo of the little owner in her whitework pinafore holding the bear in her arms.   If you have any queries or wish to purchase ` The "Contact Us" button is below or to the left of this page. Layaway is available if required

This lovely old Bear with Photo is priced at ₤295