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Here  we have a delightful Collar for a Teddy Bear - with the letters T E D D Y on it.  The letters are metal on a brown soft collar.  I love it - and it just adds a bit of fun to a loved Teddy.  It is in great condition, with just one prong on the top of the letter "T" missing, but this doesn`t seem to matter when it is in place on the Teddy`s neck.


The collar measures about 6 inches end to end.  For a size idea, the early Steiff modelling the collar (he is not included - sorry!!!), is an early 11 inch Steiff.  This is the only collar I have seen like this myself... It looks super when buckled onto a smallish Ted.  The buckle works perfectly and fastens securely. If you have any queries, or wish to purchase just use the "Contact Us" button link to the side or bottom of this page.   I am sure my customers will  have several Teddies who will look great wearing it, so don`t delay contacting me if you like it ....

This lovely TEDDY collar is SOLD