Old Bears & Friends






Here we have such a lovely Merrythought Bear. His colour is absolutely stunning.   His colour is so intense he is almost a cinnamon.  Merrythought certainly knew how to produce a very appealing bear both in his face and softness.  Oh so cuddly.  Kapok filled.  Large cupped ears and arms turned up at the end  His original pads do not have any holes, but his hand pads in particular do have some age staining.  Some but not all of his claws remain.  He has his Merrythought label on his left foot.  Amazingly his rich colour has not faded at all.  He has a tiny mend to the rear of his right arm His coverage is also super with a couple of areas of baldness to his back and a tiny spot to the middle of his tum and to the upper left of his chest.  As he is so clean, these areas are not very noticeable at all. 

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

He is just a stunner and would date from the 1930s/40s I would estimate.  He measures about 19 or 20 inches if measured to the top of his ears.  He has a really expressive face and  is waiting for his new home - and I know you will love him dearly when you see him.  Layaway available.  A gorgeous bear for the money!

This special MERRYTHOUGHT BEAR is priced at  195