Old Bears & Friends






 I have here for you a rather lovely and special early Steiff Bear.  He retains his FF button in ear.  He measures about 12" which is a gorgeous size, and poses nicely with dolls as well as bear friends.  He dates from around 1908. 



Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

This  bear is just gorgeous.  He has such a special look.  He has replaced pads - beautifully done.  He has some repairs, but quite honestly they are difficult to find! Looking closely there is one on his inner right arm about half way down and his inner right leg, towards the top.  Maybe a small one on his left leg.   He still have good mohair coverage everywhere on his rear - and all over his legs, front and back.  The majority of the thinning and a couple of balder patches are on his body on the front.  Gorgeous face with original button eyes.  He has such a good head with a very pointy snout.    I will offer layaway on him.  Contact me via the "Contact Us" button below or to the left of this page.  He is a special old boy, and the purchaser will, I am sure, love him.  He is a particularly good price, so do contact me as soon as possible if you wish to buy him. 

This lovely old  STEIFF is  ₤   SOLD