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LOTS OF CUTE LITTLE SCHUCO BEARS all available separately


 I have here for you a whole selection of little SCHUCO teddy bears.  They are all available separately - and are all different one from the other.   There are three of a similar size and the fourth is a little smaller -  a teeny weeny bear! 


1) The first is a real character.  SCHUCO IN DUNGAREES. He has baldness to the rear of one ear and wear to the top of his right leg.   He measures just under 4 inches.  He is missing the stitch to form his nose which would be easily replaced. but I think it seems to add to his character as it is!    He is wearing a fabulous pair of dungarees, knitted from the finest wool imaginable and the straps are fastened with the tiniest pair of buttons.

2) The second is beige/grey.... He has a lovely face with a pointy nose.  As you will know, Schuco have an internal metal structure covered with mohair, and in the case of this little boy there are a couple of rust spots on on his front and a small one to the side of his head.  His mohair on his back has a flattened line where I imagine he has had a belt of some short around in his long life.  His mohair coverage though is lovely and his colur is fresh. I particularly like this old boy who measures just under 4 inches.

3)  The third has lovely bright mohair - in this case a smaller GOLDEN SCHUCO SOLD


4)  The fourth is a lovely GOLDEN SHUCO measuring just under 4 inches.  His mohair is bright and he has no problems at all.  Rare to find them so near to perfect.  


To be honest, they are all lovely in their own way - and it is very difficult to chose a favourite.  


These fits in perfectly with Antique Dolls or Bears as miniature companions.   The lovely old chairs are available separately in this section on my website.  In the very last photo below, you will see on the left a lovely Miniature Steiff Bear.  This will be for sale shortly on my website.   Contact me via the "Contact Us" button below or to the left of this page if you require any further details of the Schuco or if you have decided which is your favourite and wish to reserve him.  

Schuco No. 1, larger gold in Dungarees is priced at 55.

Schuco No. 2, beige, is priced at 55.

Schuco No 3, smaller gold is SOLD,

Schuco No 4, gold, is priced at 85