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Just look at that face!  Here we have a little rarity for you.  It`s a tiny seated dog with his satchel!  He is only about 2.75 inches tall.  He is a hard construction with a plush covering.  He has a little metal nose and glass eyes (right eye has a piece broken from the bottom but really in a doggie so small it just doesn`t get noticed other than with a magnifying glass!). He retains his original red collar. He has cute pointy ears, black plush at the rear of the ear and grey in the front.  Nice little curly tail.  Just a little age wear, but really in remarkable condition. 

 Click on picture for a larger view.

 The wonderful thing about this little doggie is his satchel.  As you can see from the photographs the satchel is made from a grey thin card, with the original owners initials on the flap - GBK.  Now we know who GBK is, because there is a little book in the satchel and this is signed inside the front cover - G Koalie.  We also have a date in the little book of February 1934 and the place name Little Doward - which I discover is in Herefordshire, England.  There are about 14 double sided pages in the little book, with drawings etc. It really is fascinating what this little child produced.  Also there are two Australian stamps - so one can wonder whether there was that connection too - perhaps a relative?  Or perhaps, just a couple of stamps the little owner had and kept as treasures in the little satchel.  It is an amazing survivor.  The satchel has opened down one side, but is still in otherwise undamaged condition.    So if you love this little Doggie don`t delay and contact me as soon as possible - he is obviously a one off with his handmade satchel and to have survived over 80 years - amazing... If you have any queries, do email and ask - I will be pleased to help.                                        

This Doggie with his satchel is SOLD