Old Bears & Friends






Just look at those faces!  Perhaps not the usual toys I sell not being antique, but I found these just about irresistible and marvellous examples for the price I am asking.  They are absolutely as new, having not seen the "light of day" for the last 16 or 17 years.  The Scot - is Bonnie McBonzo and he was produced in 2001 in a Limited Edition of 500 - this one is Number 221.  Aloha Bonzo was produced in 2002 - and is the amazingly low edition number 5 - again from a 500 Limited Edition!  They had been stored in one original Merrythought plastic bag - I will be selling these Bonzos separately, so the first to sell will have the Merrythought bag included.  Each has the original Merrythought tags in original holder, together with the numbered sticker on the outside of the holder - the printed details on this sticker have faded (as all have done from these series)  but the handwritten item number is still obvious on the sticker.  Of course each Bonzo comes with it`s sewn in tag with it`s number.

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 The Bonzo was of course the brainchild of George Studdy, and from the 1920s onwards was enormously popular and reproduced in postcards, books, ornaments, toys - you name it and it was produced.  Many companies have produed Bonzo soft toys, and the first Merrythought Bonzos were produced between 1952 to 1954, having been designed by Florence Atwood.  These later Bonzos retain the same basic design.  Bonnie McBonzo is velvet  - with beautifully painted features, and has his outfit including hat, kilt and sporran.  Aloha Bonzo is again the same basic design but with her Hawaiian skirt and felt flowers.  I have seen only a couple of Bonnie McBonzos over the years, and never an Aloha Bonzo.  As mentioned before, both are mint condition and available separately.  If you have any queries, do email and ask - I will be pleased to help.                                        

These BONZOs are available separately,

BONNIE MCBONZO is priced at  just 75 and

ALOHA BONZO is priced at just 85