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Well  this is a gorgeous little Kestner mould 310.  As my collectors know, all bisque Kestners are keenly sought after by collectors but are not easy to find.  This little girl has the very desirable yellow socks and heeled two strap shoes.  She measures about 5 inches. 

Click on picture for a larger view.

The photos show that this lovely little girl has a bisque torso, bisque arms and legs.  She has a swivel neck which is great for posing her within a display.  She has blue glass eyes, a closed mouth and has a blond mohair wig with cream bow in her hair.  Her dress is brown striped antique silk with cream lace trim.  The only fault I can find is that she has overpainted upper legs and the bisque loop to the top of the right leg has been replaced to facilitate stringing.  I have no idea why the legs have been overpainted,  perhaps there was some additional damage to the right leg which has been repaired and then both overpainted to match one another, or indeed there might have been some restoration to both upper legs, but I cannot see where this would have been. She is a gorgeous and very desirable Kestner all bisque - at a really good price.  Details of Kestner 310s are to be found in Kestner King of Dollmakers by Jan Foulke.  Layaway is possible..  Any queries - just email me...  She is offered at a bargain price....

This KESTNER 310 ALL BISQUE is sold