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I am really delighted to be able to bring you a very beautiful and unusual Doll. I must admit I love her.    She is a Mon Tresor (which is French for My Treasure).  She was produced by Henri Rostal and dates from around 1914.  These dolls are quite rare to find, and this was a short lived Company in France.  Although it is possible that Henri Rostal produced dolls either before or after this date, all his registrations are just for the year 1914 - which perhaps explains their rarity.  Her head is of fine quality bisque, beautifully painted, with feathered eyebrows, rich brown paperweight eyes and an open mouth with little square cut French style teeth.   


She is of course on a good French body which is still in really good condition but with some age and play wear.  Some wear to her feet and two fingers have been repaired or replaced.  She would have originally had a Mama box, but as is usually the case with antique dolls, this is inoperative.  Interestingly, although she is basically a French Doll, her head was produced in Germany and incised as such.  Obviously as she has such a distinctive face, she would have been made to Henri Rostal`s requirements.  Her hair wig is just fabulous.  She wears whitework pantaloons, a full length cotton underslip, her lovely red dress and a matching silk bow in her hair.  She wears cream socks and a well made pair of grey leather shoes.   She measures 24 inches - and I for one am quite smitten by her look.  She just has that special "something", which I am sure my collectors will understand.   Do ask if you have any queries, and click on Contact Us if you wish to purchase.  I am happy to offer layaway on her. I have no doubts her new owner will be delighted with her. 

This beautiful 24" Henri Rostal, Mon Tresor, is priced at 795.