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What a super early LENCI this is!  She is just fabulous and I love her.  She has the most appealing side glancing painted brown eyes, finely detailed features right down to the highlights on her lower lip.  Felt head of course with the zigzag seam down the rear.  Little felt applied ears.  Jointed at the neck so that she can be posed so well, and original dark golden mohair wig.  She has felt arms and legs, softly stictched at the shoulders and hips so that she can be sat if wished and her arms posed.  Her hands have the separated thumb, forefinger and little finger, and the middle two fingers stitched together.  She has her original cream scalloped top socks, and green felt shoes.  For an antique felt doll, she is in wonderful condition.  Just the minimum of wear and a little age discolouration.  She measures about 13 inches tall - just a perfect Lenci size.  (Should you like the chair, it will be listed in my Old Bears and Friends section of my website.  I have owned it for many years and it displays a doll or a bear so well).

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She is totally original!  She wears a little cotton "all in one", with pink voile pants over.  Her underskirt is stitched to her dress and carries the all important Lenci label.  Her dress is a little dream - just like a little fairy in a flower, with green petals at the bottom of her dress, turning cream, then pale pink until the very top when they are a brighter pink with  a matching pink felt applied rose.  We all want a Lenci in our collection - and this one couldn`t be a better addition for you.    I so love original dolls - when we are lucky enough to find them!  Yes, she is a beautiful example.  Layaway is available on this doll.  If you have any queries - just ask.

This lovely LENCI with side glancing eyes is priced at ₤495