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What a special DEP Jumeau this is!  So so pretty and in wonderful condition.  Other than her shoes and socks - she is totally original! She has sleep brown eyes, and open mouth with teeth.  Her body is excellent quality which you see in the photos below, with little playwear .  Such a nice size too - measuring about 16.5 inches.  It is believed of course that Jumeau wanted to sell a cheaper doll and heads were made by Simon and Halbig for them.  These were then mounted onto French bodies - as this girl is.  The heads are incised DEP together with a size number - this girl being a size 6.  Interestingly, she has two fingerprints to either side of the incised DEP from when she was touched during manufacture and whilst the colour was still wet.  Such a part of her history.  She has her original French cork pate.      Just look at her original wig too... it is beautiful, really thick and and in super condition.Oh such a pretty girl with such an eager and lively expression .... I love her ....

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As mentioned above other than her cream shoes and socks, she is totally original and her clothes are in super condition.  She has layers of them!  Starting with a tie bodice with an additional  fine cotton bodice over that.  Then two half slips, one woollen and the other fine cotton with frill and lace trim.  Her outfit is completed with her original cream frock.  She wears a colourful bead necklace.  She really is lovely - I so love original dolls - when we are lucky enough to find them!  Yes, she is a beautiful example.  Layaway is available on this doll.  If you have any queries - just ask.

This lovely French DEP JUMEAU  is priced at 475