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Well,  isn`t she absolutely gorgeous?  She is one of those dolls who totally makes a person smile.  Konig & Wernicke dolls do not appear on the market very often - I have had very few in the many years I have been interested in dolls.  This one is as good as they get!  She is a Konig & Wernicke mould no. 98 and dates from circa.1910.  The head was made for K&W by Hertel Schwab, who made fine quality heads and were often mistaken for Kestner heads some years ago. She is extra special as she is on a good quality toddler body.  These bodies are so much more versatile than a bent limb body, as the dolls can be posed very easily, sitting or standing  The toddler bodied dolls were obviously a more expensive line than the bent limb bodied doll.  This body is lovely, with just a little age wear.  The body has just had one finger repaired at some point in her past.    You can see how good the condition is and the fineness of the quality,  from the body photos below



This little girl measures a perfect display size - about 14.5 inches.  She has sleep eyes, and a beautifully designed and moulded open mouth with tongue and two little upper teeth.  She is a lucky girl and retains her original wig and pate.  She has her oilcloth shoes, socks, woollen knickers, a lovely handmade woollen half slip with herringbone embroidery around the edge, plus a full length underskirt and a delightful whitework and lace dress.    The Pink Cheeky in some of these pictures does not come with the K&W but will be available shortly in the Bear section of my website.   If you have any queries or wish to purchase this lovely doll  - do Contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" button either at the bottom or on the left of this page. Layaway is available for her. 

This beautiful KONIG & WERNICKE CHARACTER TODDLER GIRL is priced at ₤395