Antique Dolls






Don`t we all really want to own a stunning Closed mouth Jumeau?  Well  this is a gorgeous Bebe as you can all see and shows the superior quality of Jumeau dolls.  She is an absolute stunner.  The body is in really good condition, shiny and of course beautifully made, with just a little playwear and the usual wear to the hands.  She has the Jumeau label on her lower back.  The head is of course fine quality with it`s cork pate and is perfect other than one very fine old hairline to the forehead. This is nigh on impossible to see without a light inserted into the head.  However it does make her so much more affordable.  I have always bought special dolls even if they had a hairline - they are after all childrens toys, and not all are absolutely perfect.  But it does mean they are a cheaper price and quite honestly with this particular doll she does not have any visually obvious damage to detract from her beauty.  So it`s something of a "win win" situation with her.  She measures about 22 inches and is a size 10, which can be seen together with the other original markings to the rear of her head.   

   Click on picture above to the left for a larger view.


 Can you see her original little earrings in her pierced ears in the very top photo?  Her dress is photographed below, showing the original silk material which is fully lined.  Her bonnet is an absolute work of art.  This is later made, but absolutely superb.      If you have any queries, just email me for more details.  I adore Tete Jumeaus, which is probably obvious from my description of this doll.  Every Tete Jumeau I have bought whilst having the Jumeau beauty is different to another - just like sisters with a family resemblance but retaining individuality.   Layaway is available.  The buyer will not be disappointed - she is an absolute beauty.