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Isn`t he super?  I have here for my customers a stunning Kestner domed head boy character baby.  This type of Kestner is difficult to find and really sought after.  He does not have a mould number as such, his mark is shown below.   He is as good as I have ever seen.  His domed head is free from cracks, chips or restoration of course, and the body is nigh on mint.  I just see a chip to the little finger on his right hand.  He is fresh out of a  collection of fine dolls and has not been available to buy therefore for very many years.  He has beautiful sleep blue eyes, and an open closed mouth, which means the mouth is moulded in the slightly open position.. Good colour in and oh so finely painted.  He has feathered eyebrows and painted hair.   He measures about 16.5 inches. 

   Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

 I have tried to show his very lifelike expression.  He wears a really nice sailor suit with gold piping around the edges.   If you have any queries, just email me for more details.  Layaway is available.  The buyer will not be disappointed he is super.

This KESTNER CHARACTER BABY  is priced at 495