Antique Dolls





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I have here for you a super little German early Grodnertal.  These little dolls are SO difficult to find now - widely collected and highly desirable.  This little one is just about as detailed as you will ever find - believe it or not, she measures only about ONE INCH tall.  I can never believe how the wonderful craftsmen back in the earlier part of the 19th Century could carve and then joint these tiny little dolls.  You can see the head and torso is all one piece with the head and shoulder plate painted - and she has the very desirable yellow "comb" carved and painted, in her hair.  The arms are jointed at the shoulders and the elbows and the legs at the hips and knees.  She can be carefully moved to sit and the arm joints still all work.  However, I have shown you this in the photographs, but as she is so old and in such amazing condition, she is best left as is so as not to damage the joints now after they have lasted so long.  Her little lower arms and lower legs are painted cream.  I think the little tips of her legs which are usually painted red to simulate shoes are missing.  I cannot quite understand how that could have happened when she is still otherwise in such amazing condition - but she is so lovely it does not detract at all for me.  Do remember when viewing the photographs that several have been taken closely so she does appear even prettier in real life. 

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As I say above, these are so rare to find now, particularly with such a lovely head, yellow comb and fine jointing.  Do ask if you have any queries, and click on Contact Us if you wish to purchase.