Antique Dolls





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I have here for you a very sweet doll in a super original outfit.  She is rather lovely and is a super  - and much rarer - small size.  She measures about 7.25 inches (18.5 cm) - this smaller size is so much more difficult to find.  She has a very finely painted shoulderhead with the red line above her eyes.  Stuffed body with glazed china lower arms and legs.  Well formed hands and lovely little early black painted moulded flat shoes. 





This pretty doll has her original cream stiffened fabric drawers and half slip.  Orange/Red fine woollen skirt with black velvet ribbon trim to the lower skirt and also as a tie at her waist.  Her bodice is black velvet with gauze sleeves.  All original Doll and totally untouched.  She is a fine example and in lovely condition - I can see no issues with her head, shoulderplate, arms or legs. She is a remarkable survivor.  I feel she must have spent a large part of her life just tucked away.  Do ask if you have any queries, and click on Contact Us if you wish to purchase. I am happy to offer layaway on her if you wish.  Just ask. 

This lovely doll small China Head Doll  is priced at 425