Antique Dolls






Here we have a really sweet German all bisque doll.  She has a fixed head to torso, and is wire jointed at the hips and shoulders. Her little legs have white socks with a blue band around the top and little feet have blackpainted shoes with ankle straps and brown soles.  The shoes even have little moulded heels!   She has glass eyes and a painted closed mouth.  Isn`t it amazing how the makers could cut the bisque for these tiny little eyes and then insert them in these miniature heads?  Her clothes are stitched on, but she feels perfect in the areas I cannot see.  She has a minute flake to the tip of her left toe. These little dolls are absolutely perfect in a collection to display as a doll for a larger doll to hold.  They also make an ideal collection in their own right as they look very sweet together - and they are perfect little dolls for room sets or for dolls houses.  She is under 4 inches tall.

Click on picture to the left for a larger view.

She has her original blond mohair wig.  She has cotton underwear and a cream cotton dress with pink silk ribbon threaded through the waist.  Her little outfit is topped off with a little lace bonnet.      Do ask if you require more details on this lovely little doll

This sweet little ALL BISQUE GIRL DOLL,  is priced at ₤110