Antique Dolls





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 This is a gorgeous poured wax girl.  She is made from the pink wax which Pierotti typically used, and is beautifully made,  so she is possibly by them.  As one would expect with these dolls she has wax forearms and lower legs and a wax head joined to her shoulder plate.  She is about 19 inches.  I have taken a separate photo of her hands and fingers (see below) they are so beautifully modelled.  On close inspection, inevitably one finds repairs to these lovely wax dolls, which is commonplace with the expansion and contraction of the wax at times and also it can obviously be affected if it has been in too close contact with heat.  We are lucky with this lovely girl, in that she does not have extensive repairs.  She has her original inserted blond hair.  Her face has a little fading from light over her many years and she has such a gentle expression. 




She is beautifully dressed, and for the most part I would say originally dressed.  We start with a super bodice - the stitching is so fine, as is the fineness of the cotton it is made from.  On top of this her original woollen long underskirt.  Fine woollen cloth which is finished on all edges with cream silk binding and featherstitch detail, another little masterpiece - for images of these garments see the photos below.  She then has a long waist slip.  I feel this is a later replacement, but it fits her well.  Her gown is in really good condition and as it fits her like a glove - again I would say original to her.  This is finished with a pink silk sash at her waist. Do ask if you have any queries, and click on Contact Us if you wish to purchase.   Layaway is possible - just ask.

The lovely Poured Wax Girl is priced at 550