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I am so pleased to be able to offer you this lovely tiny Doll size perfume bottle.  It is finely made and would have started life in Venice, Italy.  The Venitian glass is milky blue with gorgeous swirls of blue, gold and red - it is perfect in colour to match with practically any colour outfit.  It has a tiny cork stopper.  The chain coming from the neck is not very long for attaching to an outfit, so I have added some fine gold silk cord.  This can then be placed around the doll`s hand or wrist, or I often place a tiny safety pin inside the dolls dress and pin the cord in place from the inside - this form of attachment is nigh on invisible when the doll is displayed.  The bottle dates from around 1900 and is in excellent condition. 


Click on first picture for a larger view.


I have tried it with various size dolls, and it looks lovely with them all.  As detailed above it can be worn, alternatively it looks colourful and catchs the light in a doll`s trunk - or just placed with a doll for display.  If you have any queries on either - just ask.  It`s as you can see a great price, and I am sure the buyer will love it!


The Tiny Glass Perfume bottle is SOLD