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I have here for my collectors, an absolutely super item - so special to find a miniature item in such wonderful condition and with detailed provenance.  Luckily for us this item was obviously treasured by the family and it`s history was written on a little piece of paper inside the purse.  Just amazing....



It is absolutely perfect for a doll to hold or for including on a doll`s display table or trunk.  Do read the little note below - which was inside the purse.  It was originally owned by Lizzie Thomson Turnbull, who was known to the writer of the note as  Aunt Rep.  The little purse, we are told, would have originally been used for gold sovereigns and half sovereigns.  The note is initialled and dated for the 13th of March 1888.  So we can assume the little purse was quite a bit earlier, say mid Victorian.   It is made of the finest leather, maroon in colour with Lizzie`s initials on the front "L T T" in gold lettering and is in virtually mint condition .  It has numerous pockets inside - five in all. The inside is lined in tan leather.  It measures approximately 2.25 inches x 1.5.  There is a little tab at the top to pull so the bag can be opened out.  The front flap to close just tucks into the bag.  It fastens securely.  It really is a rare find and an absolute treasure. 

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This lovely maroon leather Bag is SOLD.