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I have here for my collectors, an absolutely super little doll`s size buttonhook - special to find one so small but extra special as it is not base metal or silver - but 9ct gold.  I rarely find one of these in gold!   It opens and closes securely.  It is marked on one size 9ct.  There is a tiny dent on the rear which does not detract - being so small, it is indeed amazing it has survived at all.



It is absolutely perfect for a doll to hold or for including on a doll`s display table or trunk.  The gold section measures a tiny one inch plus a little for the eyelet at the top - that eyelet is extremely useful as this could have some fine ribbon or cord threaded through, so that the doll could wear it around her waist as a chatelaine.  

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This lovely 9ct Buttonhook, is SOLD