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I have here for my collectors, an absolutely super set of French Wirework Chairs.  Whilst it would be nice if they could stay together, I have decided to offer them separately, or as a pair and a single - so choices for your display.  They are really beautiful, and I have not seen any quite like these before.  Perfect for small antique dolls or bears.  They are not very wide so will not take up much room in a display, but will look stunning.  Each measures about 6 and a half inches high.



I would date them from around 1900.  There must have been hours of work in creating these little masterpieces.  As would be expected, the gilding has darkened in places.  Other than a couple of small metal threads missing from the forearms of chair number 1, I think they are otherwise pretty much intact - perhaps not too surprising as they are so well made.  There are 3 gorgeous little cushions obviously originally made for the chairs which will be coming with them.  Chair 1 and 2 have little fine fabric floral cushions with silky bows to each corner and dark red rosettes on the cushions.  Rosette decoration was very popular in Victorian times.  Chair 3 has another lovely little miniature cushion - this time dark pink with a starburst to the rear of the cushion.  It is piped in green around the edges, finishing with tassels to each corner.  The middle has been worked with a stitched woolwork decoration - I think this is depicting a little bee fluttering onto a tiny flower.   The buyer (s) will love these I am certain, and they will add greatly to doll/bear/toy displays.  Do bear in mind the little cushions on their own are wonderful and hand made period pieces - and are worth nearly the prices on their own! 
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These beautiful French Wirework Chairs are available as follows:

Chair 1 with it`s cushion 65

Chair 2 with it`s cushion 75

Chair 3 with it`s cushion 85

The Pair - Chairs 1 & 2  120

The Set of 3 Chairs 175