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This is a fantastic item.  How do these miniature books survive? I find them so interesting as a little snapshot into our past.   This one is one of the luxury editions of The Victoria Miniature Almanack for 1849, in that it is enclosed and protected within an attached maroon leather case.  The leather has a tab which fits into a slot to close the case.  This little Almanac was published by W. Strange of Paternoster Row in London.  It measures a tiny 2.5 inches x 1.5 inches approximately. 

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This little Alamanac has everything a Victorian would need to know in 1849 about each month, plus lists of Bankers in London, a Property and Income Tax Table, and a table to calculate wages.  Masses of information on many pages - even Jefferson`s Ten Rules of Life and a poem by Charles Swain "Things Transatory", plus so much more.  This Miniature is even more interesting in that it has quite a few pencil notes ... I see Portman Square and Picadilly mentioned -but I will leave the details for the Purchaser to enjoy rather than telling all...   It`s a lovely display item for one of your dolls or bears - or just as a miniature treasure to own.   If you require any further information, do Contact me using the "Contact us" buttons which are located to the left on this page and also at the bottom.  

This lovely MINIATURE 1849 ALMANAC  is priced at ₤125.