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I have here for my customers, a beautiful and tiny dolls purse.  It is the best of it`s type I have ever had and also one of the smallest.  It is special in many ways - it`s condition, it`s size, colour, the wide finger ring and the beadwork - to name but a few!  It displays perfectly with wooden, papier mache, china or bisque dolls.  It measures about 2.5 inches from the gilded bars to the bottom of the purse.  If you add in the chain at the base of the finger ring, it measures about 3.75 inches.  A couple of inches across the bars at the top.




The photos do not do this little purse justice.  The tiny golden beads glitter as they catch the light.   The body of the the purse is dark pink with almost maroon banding in places.  The gilded bars at the top of the purse terminate in pierced golden balls and there is a fifth suspended at the base.  A gilded chain is attached to one side of the bars and from this there is a gilded ring.  The ring is a good size, so will slip over a tiny hand, or over the fingers of larger dolls.  It is just a beautiful little work of art.  We are so lucky it has been looked after by many generations and survived in the condition it is today.    If you wish to add this to your collection - then do Contact me using the "Contact us" buttons which are located to the left on this page and also at the bottom.


This lovely little Purse is SOLD