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I have here for my customers, a beautiful and tiny Edwardian miniature silver Padlock.  It is such a desirable and rare little item.




The little padlock was made many moons ago from two silver threepenny pieces.  I have seen necklaces and bracelets made from the threepenny pieces but never have I seen a little padlock.  Someone back then was obviously very inventive!  It does open and close by moving the little arm which slots into the top of the padlock.  It comes complete with the tiniest of keys - but I haven`t been able to lock it using this miniature key, although it fits well.  I just love it!  Ideal to hang on a miniature doll`s chatelaine - or just for displaying with Dolls, Bears  or just on display as a very interesting piece of history.   Oh so tiny.  Don`t delay if you want to add it to your collection - I don`t believe we will see another.   If you wish to add this to your collection or would like further details  - then do Contact me using the "Contact us" buttons which are located to the left on this page and also at the bottom.


This amazing miniature 1918 silver Padlock with key is SOLD.