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This is a great item.  I am so pleased to have found it for my collectors.  For a start it is so useful, in that it seems to suit many sizes of dolls.  I have used a 16 inch, a 22 inch and a 26 inch doll in the photographs, and this pendant looks super on all those sizes - and no doubt other sizes as well!  It is also so versatile.   It is I suppose a pocket watch shape with a loop at the top.  Attached to this loop at a right angle is a little golden jump ring.  For my photographs I have just put a small safety pin inside the dolls dress, pushed the point out through, and then through the jump ring.  Then taken the point of the safety pin neatly back through the dress and fastened it at the back.  The pendant is then held in place.  Alternatively, a fine silk ribbon or indeed a chain could be passed through the loop at the top, and then the pendant would be worn on that ribbon or chain... so many ideas, and so easy to use and change if wished. 

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The pendant has a gilt ring to the front which can be removed and whatever image or photograph the buyer wishes can be put into the pendant.  At the moment there is a pretty image of Victorian children.  This is covered to the front by a small round of a thin perspex type material.   There is wear to the gilding in places on the pendant, but purely commensurate with its age.  It really is pretty, and measures about 1.5 inches long including the loop at the top.  A lovely little piece of dolls jewellery and I think you will agree at a great special offer price. If you require any further information, do email me. 

This pretty Dolls Pendant is SPECIAL PRICED at 30!