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I have here for my customers, a lovely pair of original, antique Doll Shoes.  Original shoes are so difficult to find, and many dolls seem to come along in their bare feet just wanting something on those little feet!  I guess over the years little girls have taken their doll`s shoes on and off and they would get lost all too easily.  These are incised on the soles with the makers initials - I have had identical shoes to these a few times over the years, but I haven`t been able to discover who that manufacturer was.  They have perhaps been worn a little at some time in their history, but they are in good overall condition with just a little normal age wear to the leather.  The leather is dark brown with an almost pearlescent sheen.  The original stitching is all intact with just one little metal button missing of the two on the left shoe.  The original buckles and fancy leather bows are still there on the toes - perhaps one has faded a little more than the other, but this could be remedied with a little brown polish - quite honestly these are antique shoes and I think they are fine just as they are.



Size 6 of course does vary between manufacturers, but this is a guide to their size.  They are a wider style shoe of German manufacturer.  The sole measures 2.5 inches long and just under 1.25 inches at the widest.  Of course the leather is soft so will fit a slightly larger foot than the size of the shoe sole!  They fasten well with a loop passing over the button.  Antique dolls look so much better wearing antique doll shoes!   If you have any queries, or want this original pair of antique doll shoes in your collection - then do Contact me using the "Contact us" buttons which are located to the left on this page and also at the bottom.


This PAIR OF ANTIQUE DOLL SHOES, is priced at 75