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 This is fabulous and from my own collection.  It is a Miniature Cranberry Glass Jug and Glasses  I have never seen another like this in miniature.  The set of 3 items are made from very fine Cranberry Glass, and it`s amazing the set has survived. Incredibly the set was produced with the original owners initials - the pair of initials I think are JH or possibly IH.  The two initials are on the Jug and the single initial H is on each of the glasses.  Each piece needs to be turned to the light to see the initials, which are beautifully etched.  They are contained in their early oval lidded box. The box and the tiny contents are in perfect condition.  


The box measures about 3 inches by 2.25 inches (7.5cm x 6cm).  The Jug is just under 1.5 inches(3.5 cm) and each glass is just .75 of an inch (2cm).  The jug has a really fine clear handles.  This set is perfect for display with a small doll or perhaps in a dolls house.  There is something special about this little set, and I have no doubt the purchaser will love it!  If you wish to purchase or have a query, do Contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" - but don`t miss it, I would never find you another! 

The Mid Victorian Cranberry Box Set is SOLD