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We have here a good French Doll`s Purse.  Such quality accessories are becoming so much more difficult to find.  It has a metal frame and textured metal sides.  The inside has it`s original blue lining which form 3 compartments. It looks good with a variety of doll sizes - also perfect to display in a doll`s trunk.

Click on first picture to the left for a larger view.

It is so elegant, and measures just under 2.25 inches at the widest and a little under 1.75 inches top to bottom without allowing for the chain.  The chain is original but quite short so will only slip over Parisienne hands, but is still perfectly suitable for a Bebe or German Doll displayed hanging from a thumb.  In the photographs below I have photographed the Purse with a 12" Fashion  and a 16" EJ - so it will as mentioned suit a range of sizes, even a slightly bigger doll.  There is age and use wear to the little purse, but it still is lovely - and a very unusual design.  It looks so good in place on a doll.   If you require any more details, do please ask.  If you wish to purchase or have a query, do Contact me by clicking on the "Contact Us" button either on the side or the bottom of this page. 

This  lovely FRENCH DOLLS PURSE is priced at ₤65