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I have here a really beautiful and extremely fine Beadwork Doll`s Purse.  It would have been handmade - how lovely that it has been taken care of by custodians down the years and is still in such amazing condition.  It has been made from tiny beads and is double sided.  The frame is gorgeous and the gilding is still bright and such good quality. There is a little press button on the top which opens the purse so that the doll`s special items can be stored in her purse.   It suits Bebes and Parisiennes so well.  








 It measures only about 3.25 inches inches long from the base to the top of the frame.  There is a little original gilded finger ring attached to the centre of the frame.  This can be positioned over a doll`s finger. Alternatively a fine ribbon can be threaded through that ring and tied around the doll`s wrist.  The inside would have originally been lined but this has deteriorated as silk often does over a long time and has at some time been removed - it makes no difference whatsoever to the function.  The basic structure of the purse is still in super condition.  The beadwork is so fine.    It looks perfect with a Parisienne or a Bebe doll.  Don`t miss out on this one.  The lucky buyer will have a superb piece of beadwork. 

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 The fabulous  BEADWORK DOLLS PURSE  is  SOLD