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I have here for you a miniature pair of binoculars - these are perfect to include in any display with a Fashion Doll or a small Bebe.  This example is particularly interesting as it has 3 images of Wales - two of Holyhead and one of a lady in her full Welsh costume.  Holyhead is written in printed script on the one side of the binoculars which has the images. l have always loved these little binoculars, and these are the first I have found for a while and this is the first I have seen with images of Wales.







There is a small link at the top on one side of the binoculars.  A fine ribbon can be threaded through this link and attached to the waist of a Parisienne.  However, it displays well in a doll`s hand or in a trunk.  The actual name for the miniature image is a "stanhope".  These stanhope binoculars measure under one inch long!  

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The tiny Stanhope Binoculars are SOLD