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These are so nice.  Miniature dominoes are not the easiest thing to find, but this is the first time I have found a set in an original card box.... How this has every lasted I shall never know!  The little box is card, which is gilded and titled.  The little dominoes fit neatly inside in 3 layers.  Only two are missing, (a double 5 and 5 and a 3) and it looks as if the double 4 is an old replacement. 

                   Click on first picture for a larger view.


 The little dominoes are made from very small pieces of cut bone.  A gorgeous little accessory for any doll or bear.   The other items photographed on the table, below, are also for sell.  Check on my Website also in the Miniatures and Doll Accessories Section - or just contact me for further details.  Click on Contact Us below, if you wish to buy. 

 The little box of Dominoes is SOLD