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These are nice example of a Miniature Plate, made, as detailed on the reverse, by the Limoge Company in France.  For something so small, it is well detailed with a courting couple beneath a tree.  He has some flowers to give to her, but she looks a little reticent to receive them!  I particularly like the border which is deep maroon red with lots of gilding of flowers and leaves.  This is a really good display item, and is so very well priced as you will see below.

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 The miniature plate measures roughly 1.75".  It displays beautifully in numerous situations with your dolls.  It`s a beautiful little plate, and it is a very special price - so first come first served!  Be quick... Click on "Contact Us" button below or to the left of this page, if you have any queries or wish to buy. 

 The MINIATURE LIMOGE GILDED PLATE  is priced at just ₤23!