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 This is really lovely.  The colourway is so unusual for a miniature parasol.  It is maroon and silver grey silk.  It has six spokes, all of which are in perfect condition - as is the canopy.  Original antique miniature parasols for antique dolls are nearly always well over one hundred pounds each - also they are difficult to find no doubt because they look super displayed with a doll.  However, as you can see from the price below, this antique dolls parasol is very affordable.  It has a metal end and a really nice green moulded celluloid top to hold in the dolls hand.    Always bear in mind with any antique parasols, they should never ever be pushed open fully or the silk would split.  This one displays so well - and this colourway really suits so many dolls` outfits.




  The parasol measures about 12.5 inches.  I have displayed this lovely parasol with a Steiner who is about 20 inches - so this parasol would suit a doll an inch or two either way.  . Use the Contact Us link below or to the left of this page, if you want any more details or wish to purchase.


This DOLL`S MINIATURE PARASOL is priced at just ₤98!