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This is a really nice find and I think my collectors will agree.  It is so useful for a trunk or for a doll to hold.  It is absolutely wonderful quality, and condition.  The Brevete (registered) mark is incised on the main clasp and on the internal clasp.  The two sides are indentical and have a red silk base with silk netting which is embroidered with cream, green and blue threads with gold thread also running through.  There is a strong "piano" hinge to the base (always a sign of quality), and the purse opens by raising the top clasp.  Inside is red watered silk lining.  The internal area has three main compartments with a fourth compartment which is reached by opening another little Brevete marked clasp. Absolutely amazing detail for a miniature purse.

Click on the first picture for a larger view.

The purse measures about 2.5 inches by about 2 inches.  It looks wonderful held by a Bebe and equally good for a Parisienne.  This purse would add colour to a doll with a pale outfit or would look equally striking if the outfit was navy blue or most other colurs.  I have tried it with dolls in numerous colour outfits and it looks lovely with them all.   Rarely do such detailed little French purses come onto the market.  If you have any queries, please do ask.

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This French Dolls Purse is priced at 85.