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There is little better and more desirable in the way of dolls shoes than those made by Jumeau.   So difficult to get hold of, particularly with the leather tops in such fine condition as these.  They are really lovely - and if  you don`t have a size 6 Jumeau, well, pop them in the top of a Bebe`s trunk - if  your doll is a size or two either way, what one sees in a display is often an illusion and a bit of size difference is just not noticed.  The top stitching is perfect other than the inside edge of one shoe where it is mssing.   All perfect around the ankle straps - and original buttons and sound button holes - that`s a brilliant point as the button holes are often split.  The leather is in beautiful condition retaining a very strong unfaded colour.  The rosettes on the toes are also original and perfect.

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 The soles are inscised as one would expect with the Jumeau bee mark, Paris, Depose,  and the size 6.  There is a split to one part of one sole which shows a sign of some old glue.  It is perfectly sound - but I imagine this was added at some time in the past to ensure it was strengthened.  The other shoe has a minor split in the same area.  I think when the sole was incised with this groove, it no doubt was incised a little deeply making it a thinner spot.  However, this is not a problem but pointed out for accuracy.  They are a gorgeous pair of French shoes, and so difficult to find.      Do ask if you have a query or if you wish to purchase do contact me. 

These original JUMEAU SHOES are SOLD