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This is brilliant - and wonderful for a very special doll.    It consists of a hallmarked silver base, and the lid is also hallmarked with the same date letter which confirms each part is original to one another.  It is quite a high gauge silver, quite weighty for it`s size and this would have been a high quality item in it`s day. It has been so well looked after for over a hundred years.  There is intricate work on the lid with white enamel banding and pale green panels.  The enamel has been laid on an engine turned base, so the enamel sparkles in the patterns created.  This little gem measures just a little over 1 inch in diameter.



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 It is perfect to display in a Doll`s trunk, on a display table or for a very special doll to hold.  It will in fact suit many size Dolls. It could be used to hold any special doll treasures - or perhaps doll jewellery.   It bears the London hallmark for 1908, and the mark of George Stockwell who was well known for importing fine items such as this.  Enamel is obviously a fragile medium, and so few enamelled items survive in as good overall condition. It is just lovely...

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This lovely 1908 Enamelled box  is SOLD ₤