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I always get particular pleasure from finding you something I have never before had available for sale, or even seen in this particular design shape.  This is such an item.  A lovely little gilded metal brooch fashioned in the year 1897. This was of course Queen Victoria`s Jubilee year, and was no doubt made to commemorate that, but this is so doll size and relevant to so many of our dolls!   Isn`t it just wonderful?

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It is really nicely cast with the date, and has a simple pin fastening (which may be a later replacement) to the rear.  I have shown it on girl and boy waxes - so it is versatile and suits either - but obviously it would also look super on a Bebe! Your dolls from the 1890s will be falling out about wearing it!  It measures between an inch and an inch and a quarter approximately.   I don`t imagine I will ever find you another, and it will not be for sale for long - so do contact me if you wish to purchase by clicking on the "Contact Us" button to the left or the bottom of this page. 

This 1897 Dolls Brooch is priced at ₤39