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This is a really useful display item, and at a really good price for a Victorian doll size Dance Card/Aide Memoire.  I have never found one before to offer to my collectors at such a low price - so do contact me quickly if you would like to add it to your collection.  These little items were very popular in Victorian times and were used as little notebooks, or for ladies to take to a dance to mark in with whom she had agreed to share a particular dance.  The detail was written in pencil, and the writing could then be rubbed out and the page used time and time again.  There is some writing on a couple of the pages - difficult to read, I will leave that to the purchaser to decipher! - this is part of the history of this little item and is something I would not remove. There are the two covers and four additional pages.  It is rectangular when closed and opens out into a fan shape.  It is in lovely condition, with no damage to any of the leaves.

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It is totally original with no repairs.  It measures just over 2 inches long by about 1.25 inches wide when closed.  It fastens securely with a little hinged clasp at the top.  It`s a fabulous item for a Bebe or Parisienne to hold, or have in her trunk.  You can also see it is offered a really good price!


This tiny DANCE CARD/AIDE MEMOIRE  is priced at just 38!