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Here we have a real treasure!  It is a wonderful example of a portrait miniature, when viewed from both the front or the back.  We have a watercolour of Arthur Pilcher.  I have not, researched the young boy, but feel if the purchaser wishes, as we have his name and date details it would be relatively easy to research and fascinating - but perhaps sad (as was often the case in the 1840`s), to find out his family history.  The dress he wears (both boys and girls of course wore dresses in this period until the boys were "breeched") looks intricate and interestingly it appears to be lace with red, white and blue rosettes on each shoulder, so I suspect Arthur was a member of a wealthy family.






To the rear of the Portrait Miniature, more details are inscribed.  "Arthur Pilcher, taken 14th October 1843, when he was three years of age.  To - Jane Pilcher from Arthur 11th April 1844."

The portrait is beautifully done, as is the hairwork and pearl detail to the reverse.  This was produced as a brooch, obviously for Jane to wear, but it could also be hung for display if the purchaser wishes from one of the loops on the top of the frame.  Portrait Miniatures also display well on miniature stands.  The size of the image is about 2.25 inches x 2 inches, and overall about 2.75 inches long.

This is a really fine minature work of art. 

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This beautiful Portrait Miniature of Arthur is priced at 695.