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Here we have a rather lovely small Silver Purse.  Silver purses of this size are not easy to find - particularly from a date as early as 1886.  This one is in really good original condition.  The decoration to the front is so crisp and has not been polished away.  Nice to find that the original owner`s initials are inscribed on the back of the purse - these look to be  D M L, in a very pretty script.  Have you got a special doll needing a good accessory and her name begins with D or M perhaps?  Perhaps you have three dolls one with a name beginning with D, another M and another L - and they could alternate holding the purse in your display.....  It is clearly hallmarked in Birmingham, 1886, and the silversmith was possibly Joseph Whitten.  The hallmark includes the head of Queen Victoria, which is always nice to see.





The purse retains it`s original lining in corded navy blue fabric, and there are 3 sections inside.   It is in lovely condition for a silver item of 135 years old!  There are a couple of minor dents to the back of the purse - but that is all I can see, and they do not detract from this lovely item.  It measures about 2 inches across by between 1.5 and 1.75 inches deep and clips shut securely.  From the base to the bottom of the finger ring where it joins onto the silver chain is about 3.5 inches - so just a perfect little size.  Another sign of it`s quality is the full length hinge at the base of the purse.  It looks good with a variety of doll sizes - and suits waxes and bisque dolls. 
This is a lovely item at a very reasonable price, to do contact me if you have any queries or wish to purchase.

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THIS LOVELY 1886 SILVER PURSE is priced at  118 and is ON HOLD