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 I have here for you a lovely small antique Dolls Parasol.  The handle is pale wood, with silver colour finial.  The top of the handle has an ornate brass band and finishes in a cream and brown very pretty swirl which is made of a celluloid type of material.  I would imagine there would have been two swirls originally, one facing each way, but just the one remains.   The canopy is pale blue cotton in near perfect condition with just 2 or 3 pinprick size holes at the very top of the canopy.  Only visible on close inspection as they look part of the pattern in the material.   It has some minor age wear and discolouration but retains a really nice bright blue colour still.   It has it`s original pair of little bobbles on the handle.

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 The parasol is small, and measures just about 11"  - an ideal size for dolls of several heights.  As an idea for you, in the illustrations below the dolls range between 14.5 and 18 inches - so I would suggest it would suit a wide range of dolls from 14 or so inches to perhaps a 20 inch. Parasols really do "set off" a doll in your display but are increasingly difficult to find particularly in this small size - and rarely would a small coloured parasol come onto the market at this price.  If you require any further details - do please ask.  Layaway may be possible.   If you wish to purchase, just click on "Contact Us" button to the left or below on this page....

This BLUE DOLLS PARASOL  is priced at ₤135