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 I have here for you from a small collection of Rosaries I have bought, two Rosaries - each available separately - and these are the last I have available from the collection-.  The first has white glass beads and measures about 12" long and about 15" circumference around the necklace section which would go over the head.  The Crucifix is detailed both sides and is silvertone.  The second  has mother of pearl type irridescent beads and measures 10.75 inches long and about 14 inches circumference around the necklace section.  The Crucifix is silvertone.  The first is a heavier construction and better suits a little larger doll.  The second has finer links and much better suits a smaller doll. 





Both appear to be in fine condition.  They complete a doll`s accessories nicely.   If you require any further details - do please ask.   If you wish to purchase, just click on "Contact Us" button to the left or below on this page....   If you love either - do contact me and put your name to it! 

The first Rosary with the white beads and silvertone Crucifix is priced at 20, The second finer linked Rosary with the mother of pearl beads and silvertone Crucifix is SOLD